Path to the west division

It looks like the path to winning the west division is easier than it has ever been. Navy and Memphis have both lost already, which is uncommon, and the coogs schedule is favorable. Looks like it may come down to that last game down in Memphis (last time I was there was tom’s last game ): ). So, we can only hope that this team can be coached up to win 7 or 8 of these last 8 games


SMU looks better with the freshman QB.

I could see the Coogs running the table but I could also see us losing 2 more games.

Interesting football season.


Navy in Annapolis.

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Easiest conference game on our schedule was ECU. Seeing what they’ve done since the season started, I’d now say Tulane is our easiest conference game. But Tulane can give us fits. No game left is a gemmie. #1-0.


Remember, even though Navy and Memphis have one loss, if either run the table, they will be the AAC Champ due to beating us and owning that tiebreaker. Long way to go.


Absolutely. If Navy or Memphis don’t lose anymore conference games, we have to run the table elsewhere and beat them both to be west division champs.

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I wouldn’t be shocked if this team ran the rest of the schedule and dominated. I also wouldn’t be shocked if they lost 3 more games. Biggest thing this team can do is get out in front. It makes the other team one dimensional.


At this point in time, the only game that really matters to UH football is the Tulsa game.

There are still 4 road games left this year for UH in the AAC - at ECU, Navy, SMU & Memphis.

As a friendly reminder, we might want to review (1) former coach Tom Herman’s record in road games at UH against those same four teams (0-3) and (2) coach Applewhite’s record in road games while head coach at UH (3-3 - excluding this year’s Rice game which was pretty close to being a home game).


Agree that only Tulsa matters at this point 1-0. Not sure why the road game comparison between Herman and CMA is relevant. Minus UConn, Herman was great in 2015 but not so good in 2016. CMA has had his struggles on the road also. Different coaches, different personnel, different schemes, etc. etc.

THIS! As fans maybe we can look ahead, but my breaks too easily. Go Coogs! Beat Tulsa!

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I can practically guarantee that both Navy and Memphis will lose one more game in Conference this season not counting us.

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Memphis plays UCF and gets ECU and SMU on the road. I would be mildly surprised if they don’t end up with 2 conference losses before our game, the last of our season. I would bet that Navy would lose at least one more with games at UCF and a seemingly much-improved Cincinnati plus a tough roadie at Tulane. We can win conference. UCF is clearly a good team, but they really haven’t played anyone yet. Their schedule so far has included South Carolina State, UCONN, and FAU. They have back-to-back games at Memphis and East Carolina in mid-October. The Golden Knights’ biggest challenge will likely be their trip to Tampa at the end of the season for their rivalry game with USF. South Florida will be sky high for that game after losing a really close one in Orlando last season that gave UCF the division crown. Certainly would improve our odds, however, if our cornerbacks could tackle receivers after four and five yard recepetions. Even TSU’s wideouts often made our DBs look silly. Not excusing the Tech game, but not being able to get the TSU receivers on the ground in a number of instances is alarming.


Very true Sam. They did do the blitzes a little better and tackled better than last week. But the wide open pass to the outside receiver 5 yards down the field and slant and go routes are still there. We have to continue to score and get ahead so the other team becomes one dimensional. On a upbeat note, Tune has shown he can step right in and run the offense. And now we have 6 running backs who can make plays.

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