Players leaving early for NBA

Figured it would be good to start a running tally of underclassmen that are making the jump.

Today Dayton’s superstar Obi Toppin declared.

Not a surprise there. He’s really good.

Why is Florida state in a blue uniform?

It’s actually turquoise – something to do with honoring the Seminole Tribe.

Why does UH wear black?

Yea. We wore black more than we word red this year, it seems to me. I hope that’s a one-off and not a pattern.

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I don’t know, but red number on a black jersey is hard to read from the stands.


While Cumberland and Scott were Cinci’s bell cows, Williams was their Hinton. Shut down defense, opportunistic scorer, good rebounder, and all around heady player. He should have been a Sampson player. Big loss for them if he stays in the draft. With a consistent 3, he could be a long-term 3 and D guy in the NBA. Bad for the conference, but I would be glad to not face him again.

I don’t know how good Remy Martin is as a basketball player; but Remy Martin cognac is exquisite.

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This has to be for evaluation purposes cause I have never been impressed with Collins.

Duarte on the football side says dejon is coming back next year

  1. The culture of the program is at an all-time high if nobody is leaving. I’m appreciating every minute of this run.

  2. Who is coming off scholarship?

  3. Shead has to be redshirting because the backcourt is ridiculous. Also gives Tramon a year to get his feet wet

  4. Sky is the limit next year.

The next two to three years (perhaps more) may be the most exciting period of time for UH basketball fans since the PSJ years. I love our guards, but I do miss seeing a big guy in the front court.


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