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(Eric Prado) #1

It may be too soon to tell, but what are Dane Roy’s chances at making an NFL roster?

(Cary) #2

Roy - very high if he continues progressing at the level that he has.


Roy is a very unconventional punter, but he has a strong leg. If he can adapt to the kind of punts the NFL likes, he has a good shot.

(Patrick) #4

Making the NFL as a punter is a crapshoot and Roy already knows it as I’ve seen him tweet about his chances. A lot depends on the punters already in the NFL and if a spot opens up.

Richie Leone was an excellent punter who could pin teams inside the 20 on a regular basis, but never was able to find a spot in the NFL


I’d guess pretty low. He’s almost 30. That’s gonna impact his draft stock.

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(Patrick) #9

No one made the offense, but two in the secondary made it:


Dane is no Richie Leone and it took Ritchie years to get to the NFL

(Bryant Hargrave) #11

Unless you are beyond special as a punter, you probably aren’t getting drafted.

(Mitchell Patterson) #12

He needs more air and he needs punts 50+ yards to compete in the nfl. The Aggie punter is a good example of what a future nfl punter looks like