Pleasant surprise

(jim) #1

I wan’t aware we had done this well. Can this be accurate?

(Patrick) #2

Nice! Offense is basically back, bring in Holgo, and even though we lose most of our defense, we weren’t that good last year. If we can find some defense this year, we could be special.


This article likes the AAC. Three make the list!

(PortlandCoog) #4

Shows the respect Holgo garners.

(Brad) #5

I think we have room for four grad transfers, which I hope we use for potential starters. Either that or we sign a really big class next year.

(Tom Green) #6

I highly doubt he uses all four on one n done players. He has stated that he prefers not to do that. Unless where they would still have 2 yrs left of eligibility.

(sarkcoog) #7

My guess is we use two for cornerbacks. We currently only have Small, Phenix, the two Smiths, and Williams. Only one of the Smiths has ever played a down at cornerback.


His presser yesterday he said specifically that he doesn’t do 1 and done transfers. He’s looking for 2 or 3 year guys. I don’t know that much about the JUCO world but I’m wondering if there are any decent DBs left who are academically eligible?

(Brad) #9

Juco should already be signed. He can take some transfers still, but they won’t help next year unless there is a waiver approved.

(Patrick) #10

I believe he’d take a grad transfer if they help immediately…not like what we did last season. Remember, he did take Sims from us as a grad transfer so he is willing.

And Nick Watkins was a pretty good grad transfer for us; easily our best of the 5. If we could find another CB like him, I think Dana would be happy. We wouldn’t be mortgaging a future scholarship as it would apply to this year’s class in that case.

Otherwise. there are still a few JUCO and high school guys out there that may be trying to qualify academically this next semester so we may look at those guys.


As Dana said he wants to redshirt more players, gotta assume he’ll use transfers for the next 3 seasons or so until the pipeline is primed. That’s the only way to avoid burning redshirts.

(Tom) #12

Agree… this is purely respect that Dana brings to the program. Once again Houston cougar football will shake the very foundation of college football, starting with Oklahoma in Norman. Go Coogs.

No more weakness, no more low energy and punting at the opponent’s 30 yard line.

(Monte P Gilliam) #13

CDH is going to get help for the defense if he can. We are desperately short handed at corner. We have 5 kids and only 1 who seems a legitimate starter…Is THAT how you want to start the season?? If we can find a couple of grad transfer corners, we will take them. If we can. If we can find an overlooked JUCO or HS kid, we will likely take them, too. Its a numbers game, and we are drastically short at corner.

(Jimmy Morris) #14

I forgot about that!


Oh, I completely agree. But I don’t think he will burn four or five scholarships against NEXT year’s class. So, I expect he will be very careful. He said on Wednesday that he is looking for a QB. We all now about CB, and he mentioned the O-line. That’s a lot of need if your only going to use the scholarships available this year.

I think he waits until after Spring practices before he decides exactly who he goes after. Maybe some of our young CBs really step up or respond to better coaching. Maybe the O-line too. Should be interesting.

(Randy ) #16

He wanted to go to Tech with Kliff but we wouldn’t let him.

(Robert Swearengin) #17

Kliff did not leave UH for Tech. He went to A&M

(Randy ) #18

Yes, and Sims left UH after the 2012 season when Kliff took over at Tech.

(PMM) #19

I think Sims left !!!

(Robert Swearengin) #20

Kliff was at UH in 2011 then A&M in 2012. Simms left because Sumlin left