Please be respectful

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I know this is a hot topic. But respect your Cougar brother and Sisters. The decision was made and we should support and be open minded. We will not tolerate the attacks and reserve the right to ban you after fair warning.

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(Eric Prado) #3

Ban me on Twitter.

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Naw I know where your coming from.

(Eric Prado) #5

A more moral place than you.

(itcoog) #6

More like maturity. If you knew me 15 years ago we would have agreed.


Man, it is Coog on Coog violence all over twitter right now. I completely get it people morally outraged and done with the program. What I don’t get is people attacking them for those feelings or people attacking fans who are fine with it.

(Patrick) #8

That’s the world today.

(Cary) #9

I’m indifferent. God will be the judge, but I’m not enamored, nor am I outraged.

(Patrick) #10

Basically how I feel.

The out-clause that’s in the contract helps.


Very reassuring to me.

(Ben B) #12

Ditto. That made a world of difference.


The out-clause makes me wonder how much concern they have that there is more out there and the move will draw it to the surface. The clause is a saving face method to allow them to have him while he’s hot and dump him if he becomes a problem.

(Cary) #14

I think what the out-clause simply says about the hire is that from everything we can see, you didn’t do anything actively wrong, but if something comes out that shows that you did something actively wrong, we can terminate our relationship. I don’t think there is concern, it is simply CYA.


I agree. Furthermore, I would have passed on KB just to avoid this controversy. Nevertheless, it’s done and the athletes should not have to pay a penalty by Coogs withholding their support.

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #16

The wording in the contract is an attempt to indemnify the university. Nothing written there will do that in my humble (non-legal) opinion. If there is something to come out later the school will be judged harshly.

UH has made a decision, and I’m hopeful it will pan out for both parties because I think football wise KB is a good hire.

Go Coogs!


I wish whoever operates the Twitter account had the same attitude.

(PortlandCoog) #18

I think this is how I am going to have to approach it.

(Mike Hull) #19

Agree with J_Coog–maybe the doctor should heal thyself, first . . . .

(Monte P Gilliam) #20

Avoid the controversy? Why should we worry about that? You seem to forget that it wouldnt matter to many WHO we hired, as they would find a reason to be negative., and spin it in the most negative way possible. A year from now, the ONLY thing that will be important is what our record is and how our new coaches have helped us win, which is why we hired them in the first place…They were given a clean slate by the powers that BE up there in Waco. I am unhappy with some people making presumptions of guilt when there is not a scrap of proof for it…We are extremely lucky to have Coach Briles and Coach Clements here.