Points Allowed - Amazing


Here are the Coogs 5 opponents so far and how many points we have given up to them versus their season average.

Points against the Coogs 16
Average point total per game this season 42
Next lowest point total 24 against Utah

Points against the Coogs 3
Average point total per game this season 11.66
Next lowest point total 7 against Stanford

Points against the Coogs 13
Average point total per game this season 19.1
Next lowest point total 7 against USF

Texas Tech
Points against the Coogs 27
Average point total per game this season 46.8
Next lowest point total 34 against Oklahoma State

Points against the Coogs 22
Average point total per game this season 43.83
Next lowest point total 36 against TCU

The defense has been amazing and given that we lost a ton of NFL talent, you have to give Coach D’Onofrio a lot of credit. Well done coach. You win with Defense and your ability to run the ball when you need to. We clearly have the first, we might have found the second last night,

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Agreed. We’re also getting turnovers a a higher rate this year as it seems the JackBoyz have returned.

Last year, we had 17 takeaways all year (13 games) and we’re a -7 in turnovers.

This year, we’ve already gotten 11 takeaways through 5 games and are a +1.


I remember the years when we had a prolific offense and no defense. The past few seasons our defense has been outstanding and it has surpassed the offense in terms of effectiveness. .


Allowing almost 600 yards is not a good thing but they did keep SMU out of the end zone…most of the time, anyway. Secondary needs to get better. Too many receivers left wide open all over the field.


Agree Wholeheartedly, but Big Ed has a lot to do with it. Good Players make Coaches look brilliant.

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Your going to give up yards against the spread. The key is to limit big plays and hold to field goals.

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I could definitely be wrong here, but looking at the statistics, it appears that Houston is the only team in the country to have played 3 of the Top 15 scoring offenses in the country to this point.

To have played that schedule and still be ranked 12th nationally in scoring defense, is a testament to the talent and coaching on the defensive side of the ball, and indicates a complete change of defensive culture at UH.


Let’s keep it up. There are more high scoring offenses coming up on our schedule.


I agree, the secondary needs to tighten up. That’s mainly on the DC. But we are going to see wide open receivers a lot more this season. That’s one of the negative drawbacks to playing a lot of zone. We need a true pass rusher. I thought Egbule would emerge but he can’t get off his blocks consistently. Anenih has been a pleasant surprise these past two games. He’s slowly ,but surely creating pressure when in the game.


Yeah #49 has more the look of a edge rusher.

(Brad) #13

Not to mention that the turnovers the offense has committed this year and 3-and-outs has done the defense little favors.


He has good size for a true freshman too. Being 6-3, I think his frame can eventually hold 250-260. He’s very explosive off the ball. He’s certainly one to keep an eye on. Great find by Applewhite!