Possible 2nd printing of Season Ticket Cards - ACTION REQUIRED

From TOS… Thought it maybe useful for some

I’ve posted this in several threads, but I believe this is important enough to warrant it’s own topic.

Background: a buddy of mine who was unhappy about not getting the STC’s he ordered sent an email to the athletic dept last week asking them to reconsider. Apparently it worked, because yesterday he sent me the following:

“AD for ticketing called today. Trying to schedule a second printing of plastic season ticket cards. Anyone who wants to be part of the second printing should contact him ASAP. You may want to put his info on your Cougar board.”

Pete Heim | University of Houston
Associate Athletic Director of Ticket Sales and Operations
Office: (832) 842-3148
E-Mail: pheim@central.uh.edu

As I read this, they will do another STC print run if (and only if) there is sufficient demand. Anyone who is interested in getting STC’s to replace their paper tickets needs to contact the ticket office ASAP.


Thanks @youngbreeze for your help. Email sent on my end.

hopefully they void the UPCs on the paper tickets for anyone that orders the plastic ones … i can see a big mess with people selling duplicate tickets

they’re not gonna do it, Pete called me and said it’s too close to the season to issue the cards

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