Post-SMU Monday Press Conferences and teleconferences


Well said on all points. I think people forget how horrible our offense was last year. Taking into consideration how many three and outs, how many runs up the middle, how many games we failed to put up any points, our offense was really bad.

And when you have a horrible offense puts the defense on the field regularly and look worse than they really are. So we did have issues on defense but I don’t think it was as glaring because of how bad the offenses.

Now we can move the football on offense much more efficiently, or at least we can score points, but now we can see That our defense is a glaring issue. He tried to address the defense, the offense o that our defense is a glaring issue. I think he will address the defense in the off-season.


Typo in transcript. Sb …the RUN read


Isaiah Johnson again…double move…WR ran a Slugo…Slant and Go…Johnson bit on slant…QB didn’t even pump fake…smh


So you want IJ out off lineup??? He’s our next NFLCB. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Lol yes, I want all the NFL corner backs (based off of measurables alone) to sit their butts down. Somewhere in this locker room, there’s a corner that can run at least a 4.5 that won’t bite on double moves and not panic when the ball is in the air. Maybe they do it once, twice, or three times, but I’m willing to bet they won’t do it an entire year and a half of starting for the same DC. The safeties since they back pedal the whole game can clean up the over the top traffic if he(the new guy in rotation) is beat. And this is coming from an IJ fan. I still think he can be a great NFL corner back when he gets to the pros and coaches that know what they are doing can fix his tendencies. It might just be holding him accountable and not telling him how much of a freak athlete he is.