Practice field

I thought the turf field had been there since the city/metro paid for the renovation of the fields following the rail installation? That turf goes back to the Levine days and was converted back to natural grass last year following completion of the IPF.

As for the Super Bowl- NFL/Patriots contribution, didn’t they just resurface our natural field in order to be compliant with NFL standards?


This is what I remember.

Kam Eloph retired due to medical reasons. That hurts the OLine. He had starting experience at both guard spots and was a backup center last year, I think.

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So if the NFL could get it ready for the Superbowl why can’t we get it ready for the spring

NFL has $$$

So, then we should have grass to practice on. Seems like there should be a turf practice field too to get climatized to the heat.

Eloph was projected to be the starting center this year. Makes sense now why they were saying Braylon Jones was likely to move into that spot this year.

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