Pre-Game Thread: Armed forces bowl vs. ARMY (Dec 22nd @ 2:30pm, Ft Worth, TX - on ESPN)

(Cary) #21

Now we know why Ed was saying he was going to play in the bowl game, and then all of a sudden decided to focus on the draft. Like hell he is playing a triple-option right before trying to go pro…

(Patrick) #22

Cincy gets the Military Bowl vs Virginia Tech

Probably means Memphis gets the Birmingham Bowl spot against Wake Forest (edit: confirmed)

Just need official word on Temple now.

(Patrick) #23

By the way, Baylor is playing Vanderbilt in the Texas Bowl in Houston. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that one probably isn’t going to sell out.

(Patrick) #24

And Temple-Duke confirmed for the Independence:

(Ian Blake) #25

I am going to go out on a limb and say the longest win streak in the country will not belong to UCF any more.

(Dan) #26

So no Frisco bowl for AAC.


If UH can get in front of Army it’ll be tough for them to play from behind. I haven’t looked at their stats, but they did hold OU to 28 and Hawaii to 21. Some of that is keep away but their defense isn’t all that bad.

Duke was their first game of the year and their first 3 possessions were fumble, missed fg and fumble. They had 365 yards of offense, but miscues put them in a bind.

A lot of this game, as with most crap bowls, is how motivated is the team to play.


Funny how I can remember when making a bowl game was a blessing, be glad some of you weren’t here during the Helton/Dimel years.


The problem is that 82 out of 129 teams go to a bowl! I remember when you went, it was truly special…

(Monte P Gilliam) #30

I dont think LSU has the offensive firepower to beat this UCF team…UCFs back up QB is a great player, every bit as good as Milton…We’ll see…

(Matt Jackson) #31

I know Arlington is not Fort Worth, but kind of sucks from a draw standpoint that the game is held on the same day as the State HS Football Championships. Bowl tickets are probably going to be 4 times as much as the $15 ticket that gets you in for a triple-header at Cowboy Stadium including the much anticipated North Shore vs Allen game on Saturday night.


$30 GA tix


That was SMU’s for the taking, but they ponied it in the last week of the season.


30 mins apart…is doable…


I would take any bet like that especially since UCF will be a big underdog. A role they relish.


Army runs even more than Navy. Against Oklahoma they ran the ball 78 times, passed 9 times completing 3 of them and had two punts. OU had 25 runs, 15 passes and 1 punt. OU won 28-21. We need to get ahead and stay ahead. Army will continue to rush. So we have to score and stop the wishbone.

BTW who is overseeing the defense for this game.

(WRB) #37

Dan Carrel


Is he the linebacker coach?

(WRB) #39

Yes. Outside linebackers.


Yeah but even when it wasn’t as special there was a stretch where we didn’t go to many of them and this beats that.