Pre-Game Thread: Armed forces bowl vs. ARMY (Dec 22nd @ 2:30pm, Ft Worth, TX - on ESPN)

(Ian Blake) #41

4 yards a play will happen if we don’t do something in the middle with whoever the heck is left on the team. Will any of the injuries be healed in 3 weeks?


I’m seeing comments on Twitter that Army deserved better. Yikes, has UH fallen that far? With no KIng and Oliver, I expect Army to win this game and Major to be 0-3 in bowl games.

(Munzell Milluns) #43

We’re in for a good ol’ military A## whooping for X-mas.

(jim) #44

Fort Worth hosts a nice bowl. Been there for a couple. Some very nice downtown hotels, Cattleman’s and Mexican Restaurants (Joe T’s) and TCU stadium is not far from downtown.

(Mike Higdon) #45

To be fair, Helton did take us to the Liberty Bowl where we lost to Syracuse.

(Cary) #46

It is because their fans have the same eff’ing awful sense of entitlement that our fans do. Fans trashing any bowl that isn’t NY6, any team they play as below them, and any bowl that invites them as not worth their time.


Army took OU to OT. We better be ready!


Should we take a white flag to surrender after half time just in case?


If you go to Joe T’s remember they only take cash. The ambiance is great and the margaritas are killer but the food is just OK. Prefer El Rancho Grande just down the street.


Army doesn’t have Memphis or Temple blockers. They run the wishbone. If we could stop Navy and Tulane we can stop Army. We can win this game because they really won’t be able to run with our receivers.

(Ben B) #51

Watch for lots of defensive holds not be called by refs.

(Monte P Gilliam) #52

ARMY schedule really weak…They played a good game against an OU team that refused to take them seriously. blasted by Duke. Wins?
Fordham, Liberty, San Jose, Miami Ohio, Lafayette, Colgate, Eastern Michigan, Buffalo, Air Force (by 3) Hawaii (by 7) not exactly murderers row…OUR schedule considerably tougher.

(Patrick) #53

Army was lucky that there weren’t more bowl eligible teams, otherwise, they would have been going to no bowl at all. If they want better bowls, they should join a conference like the other armed forces did. It isn’t like their recent history is filled with tons of success.

Although, my guess is that the comments are probably not being made by fans of Army and more than likely being made by media pundits. Fans of Army are probably just worried about beating Navy this week.


The problem was we didn’t stop Navy until their best running back went out with an injury. If Army has some speed to get to the outside in their wishbone, it might be another tough day for the defense.


Bring back Donofrio for this game. Applewhite 0-3 coming soon.


I wonder if Navy is pissed at us because we hurt their player???


was he hurt on a cheap shot illegal play that was designed to deliberately injure him?

(Patrick) #58

(Patrick) #59

“Formidable opponent,” Applewhite said. “It’s a tough offense to get ready for. But we’ve got some extra practices to not only get ready for (Army) but also continue to develop depth on our roster.”

(Patrick) #60

Fort Worth has been a popular destination for the Black Knights, as they will appear in their third Armed Forces Bowl. They posted victories in each of their first two meetings, defeating Southern Methodist by a 16-14 final in 2010 and San Diego State in a 42-35 thriller in 2017.

Last season’s showdown with the Aztecs was one of the more exciting matchups of the postseason. Trailing 35-28 late in the fourth quarter, the Knights embarked on a 15-play, 72-yard drive that ended with a one-yard touchdown from Darnell Woolfolk with 18 seconds to go.