Pre-Game Thread: Armed forces bowl vs. ARMY (Dec 22nd @ 2:30pm, Ft Worth, TX - on ESPN)


Is the water navigable at the low water dam in Trinity Park?


I would advise parking/anchoring the boat there (no boat valet available yet), then hopping on the miniature railroad to the zoo, walking from that point.


Want they have their starting qb back?


I hope. lol He’s not as explosive as Langdon. That could help us.
Edit: That ou game was another measuring stick of their defense. They have some athletes, for sure more than Navy.

(Ryon Adams) #105

Prediction: Our receivers will run CIRCLES around Army’s defense; even our backup QB should be able to pass for big yardage against them.

The only real concern, in my view, is our ability to stop the option without Ed Oliver and other key defensive players.


We stlll have a weapon on defense, and even though he doesn’t play defensive line, Austin Robinson could have another big day. I hope he has 20 tackles and 8 TFLs!

(sphinx drummond) #107

Could I hop on a golf cart at Colonial for part of the trek from the Zoo to Amon Carter Stadium?

(Al) #108

With the cold weather we are having here (low 30’s again in the mornings) that might not be a viable option. But there will probably be an abundance of available golf carts…:slight_smile:


How about we don’t keep our safeties 10 yards from the line of scrimage and we play a 4 man line.


To no surprise Army’s defense is a lot better than ours. Hopefully our offense can overcome it.

(Ben B) #111

No. Four mans lines are dumb unless you can recruit a lot of great DL talent. 3/4 is a much better scheme for what we can recruit well. We almost always send a rush LB so you end up w same numbers, but more adaptable.

(Ben B) #112

No, it isn’t. Against FBS teams we are 70th in yards per play defense (even after all the DL injuries) and Army is 75.
Their total numbers are an effect of less plays because they run one of the five slowest offenses in the country.
In an age where you have everything from slow triple option teams to hurry up offenses, total number are nearly useless


My Army brothers on a 3 year roll now after 14 years of heartbreak. We’d better show up ready to play cause I can assure you Army will be highly motivated. Tough one for us Army vets…hopefully a good tough, tight game…going to enjoy being there

Go Coogs !

Go Army Beat Navy


Well it took #4 Oklahoma overtime to beat Army and OU had all their starters including the Heisman winner. I hope we win but it doesn’t look good for us.


Army DC leaves for UNC-CHeat. That should help the Coogs.

(Al) #116

Army has an opportunity to win 11 games for the first time in their history. They will be motivated. But that presents equal motivation for UH not to let that happen, despite I’m Old Army (I mean really old) with great buds from West Point who will be there. Is CKB going to coach?

(Ben) #117

Our BU QB should easily play better than the current Heisman Trophy winner. That is a given . . . . .
In addition, it is obvious to me our receivers are much better than those that play for OU . . . . .

Hope everyone can read this as sarcasm . . . . .


Honestly OU with the stoops brother who was fired was a lot worse on defense than we were with coach DO. Ruffin McNeil made that defense so much better. I am hopeful that our LB coach will be an improvement on the past coach. Because honestly we are not playing Memphis running game or Temple either. What I do know is that the WR we still have are very fast and we know what to expect. OU hadn’t played a wishbone team in a decade and had no idea what to expect. Having played Navy was a benefit for us to play Army.


I picked up 4 too. Hated not going through UH site but oh well.

(Patrick) #120

Bateman led the Army defense for five seasons, from 2014-2018, and has been coaching since 1997. His first season was a rough one for the Black Knights, as they finished 90th overall in defense and Army only managed a 4-8 record. They were especially poor in stopping the run, giving up nearly 200 yards a game. From that point forward, however, Army managed to rise up the board. They finished 50th in total defense in 2015, and then an outstanding 3rd in 2016. That effort got him nominated for the Broyles Award as one of the top coordinators in the country. They slipped to 33rd in 2017, but jumped back up to 8th this season, and once again he was nominated for the Broyles award, this time being named a finalist.