Pregame Thread: Coogs vs Navy


If we play offense like we did tonight vs ECU
we will have a tough time winning the game. We can’t sputter like this.


obviously stating the obvious is not the obvious thing to do on this board. just stating the obvious …

(Cary) #3

Key to win against a service academy team - jump out to a big lead, and make them play catch up.


Yeah offense was off tonight yet game after game we somehow manage to score 40+

(Coog) #5

Our offense has to play better and we need to cut down on the penalties also.

(Mathew Donovan) #6

ECU defense is good. Harvey will play on sundays. Probably start. He was their big ed. And, was just as destructive today.

(zx504) #7

Thing I was most pleased with the ECU game was thw fast start on offense. That’s key to our defensive play calling, allowing them to be more agressive. Fast start againt Navy also I hope.

(Cristian) #8

Lark or Corbin need to stop jumping before the snap. It’s been happening at least twice a game since the first game. Especially if we are 1 or 2 yards from first. Penalties are my first concern vs Navy


I had this game as a loss at the beginning of the season. My thoughts haven’t changed.


The key to beating Navy is to start fast. Go up early and their game shortening offense works against them. Go down early against them and you are in trouble.


This year’s Navy team is nowhere as good as it has been the last couple of seasons. But I definitely agree if we get out early we will have a much easier time winning this game. 1-0 this week and 2-0 in conference play.

(WRB) #12

To many penalties due to a lack of focus and discipline. Penalties due to aggressiveness, I can understand but even they should be rare.

(Ben B) #13

Offense only scored 35.


the key to beating navy is getting an early lead, EVEN more emphasized this year

navy will be desperate to kill clock with their inability to score as much this year…

every game this year we have stalled for 3 or 4 drives consecutively …we do that at the beginning of the navy game …that will be the entire 1st half …


(Cougarpad) #15

What is weird is all those penalties were mostly on the offensive side.


Wonder if there is an appeal process for the targeting on Sprewell. If that is actually deemed targeting then I estimate they could call targeting on every handful of plays.

(Monte P Gilliam) #17

You seriously think a 2-4 Navy team not nearly as good as the teams from 2 and 3 years ago is going to beat us? CMON!
I dont want to hear any excuse or any whining from Apple, or anyone on this board. This is a game UH should win, period.
CMD’s defenses always play well against the run and our wide open offense should present all sorts of match up problems for Navy.
We need to take care of things next week…We are the better team, now whip them…

(WRB) #18

Yeah. I think that is an indication that the penalties are mostly not due to being aggressive. The offense kind the play and what there are expected to execute, so I think that their penalties typically occur because there is a lack of focus/discipline or the player is compensating for not being in position to execute on their assignment.


Aldine I tend to agree with you but Navy always causes us problems. Should we win? Absolutely but this one scares me.

To me our two toughest games left are Navy and Temple. Navy because of the style of play and Temple because of the quality of athlete they put on the field.

USF doesn’t scare me. They are way overrated. Memphis could be just playing out a disappointing season and their season could get away from them.

SMU and Tulane? Come on man.

(Jimmy Morris) #20

posted some season stats in another thread

Navy’s pass defense isn’t any better than ECU’s and their run defense is much worse. Our run defense has been solid but we all know Navy’s run game isn’t like others. I would expect Bryson to be spending more time simulating Navy’s offense for our defense than working on passing routes this week.