Pro Day 2018 - March 29th - Live on Facebook

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Interesting to see Chance Allen and Steven Taylor. I had no clue players could go back and participate in pro day again to try and get another shot at the NFL.

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Wasnt KA supposed to have Pro day with Arizona? I couldnt find his results or anyone in arizona for that matter. I hope those guys made strides during the year and get picked up i didnt think we were losing so many guys but its great we have so much talent.

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Doesn’t seem like Arizona is that big on the marketing of their program. Did see a video for pro day and the mention that every NFL team had a scout there. That’s it.


arizona state
he was there

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Johnny Football is participating in San Diego State and aTm Pro day


the day has come were 40 secs can make you a millionaire

t will

are decent measurements away from their dreams

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Has the commentary always been like this. I like it. This is better than the live streaming they were doing from their phones previous years. Guys are doing nice from what i can tell.


here is a link to the live stream
early update, hines is way more athletic than i thought he was

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Our guys came to play.


John Leday with 15 reps. I did not expect that!


i wish they could give 40 numbers, atleast rough numbers …watching 40s without numbers is very boring

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According to what i heard.
Adams Best bench at 30
Hines Vertical at 38? or 37
Jefferson best broad jump
Mcdowell best 40.

I think. He went through it fast. :sweat_smile:


pro day winner is likely matthew adams, 30 reps on the bench and 4.63 (respectable speed for a LB)

hines and t.will were respectable but they probably needed to be great to have a shot

all the wr/postma put up pretty bad 40 times…Like REALLY BAD…allen ran a faster 40 than bonner/postma/dunbar by a gap…and allen ran a 4.71

john leday running a 4.73 also surprises me because when i posted the video of johnson saying he might be the fstest player in college…leday replied saying he was faster than him and wasnt even the fastest on the team, with both of them getting into a joking debate…i was expecting 4.3 to 4.5

we had 2 dbs in the 4.5 range everyone else was 4.6 or slower…

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Adams may have put himself on the radar of other teams besides the Titans.

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Kind of fits in with what must of us thought about the offense. Lack of speed has killed us the last few years. Hopefully, with Stevenson back, Lark, Corbin, and some of the new guys, we can bring back some of that speed.

Those times may actually help Kyle Allen as scouts may boost his stock with the lack of speed weapons we had.

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Not sure if the numbers are reliable but :ok_hand:

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Linebacker Matthew Adams had the best performance with 30 reps of 225 pounds on the bench press. The total would have led all linebackers at the NFL combine.

“As long as I get in the door I know I can make an impact,” Adams said. “Anywhere I go I feel like I can help.”

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