Pro Football Focus - Big Ed grade Week 1 IS A JOKE

So they grade ED at 88.4
ED had 13 tackles, 5 Solo, 3.5 TFL, 2 Hurries

They grade Alex Turner…yeah who?.. a freshman at ECU who played vs NC A&T at 89.4
He had 3 tackles 2 Solo 2.5 TFL…no sacks or hurries

I like PFF however when I saw that Ed didn’t make their National team of week…I was suspicious and waiting for AAC team to come out. I watched game several times and I saw ED get blocked once. When I say blocked I mean moved out his gap. PFF grades each play from +2.0 to -2.0
in 0.50 increments. Most of a players plays will be graded at 0.0…meaning you didn’t do anything eventful…just did your job, what was expected.

They then come to a grade total…positive, 0, or negatives and count your snaps played and convert to a 1 to 100 scale.

I like what they do and understand how they grade…they are tough graders…but I watched game several times and really baffled.

Unless he had a low Pass Rush grade…


PFF also graded Deshaun Watson as the 20-something best QB in the NFL for time played last year. My eyeball test tells me that’s clearly wrong. PFF is good at some things, but you can’t grade football players like baseball players, just too many variables.

They don’t grade by results exactly.
Example…QB throws 80 yard TD Pass bit Guy was wide open because DB fell down…they grade that as probably 0.0…because you made a throw you were expected to make…that’s their logic. I get it.
Because NFL QB rating gives QB credit for throwing a bubble screen that goes 80 for TD which is crazy.

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PFF should poll the last opponent to see how they would grade each guy. I think Rice might give him a 100.

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I wish there was a better standard that they used to grade players. Just feels very subjective.

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They do it the way coaches do it. Every play individually. Coaches use different scales.
They touted ED for 6 runs stops which I believe for them is a gain of 2 yards or less?
I’m not sure we’re his minus plays were. He had plenty stalemates as all players do. But lot positive plays, not just the tackles or hurries. Some plays were he penetrated and forced run sideways. Btw he was held a few times and none called

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I just assume Ed is held on every play unless he gets by so fast they don’t have time to grab him.

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