Promotions on last game at the Hoff against ECU?

I see that on the promotion schedule that first 500 fans get a commerative ticket. Has anyone heard of any other promotions for the last game at Hoffeinz? Last game at Robertson they gave out replicas of the stadium. Just wondering if this is all they are doing or have any “surprises”. And the $5 tickets promotion.

Damn, I didn’t get the stadium replica from Robertson.

Haven’t seen anything about any other promotions.

At the “H” Assoc BBQ, AD HY said that after the game there will be a ceremony on court.

IIRC – A current Coog will shoot a basket, then former Coogs will pass the ball to the other end of the court where a celebrity Coog (my guess: Hakeem) will take the last shot in Hofheinz.

The ball will be kept and used to open Fertitta Center in 2018

If anybody recalls more/different details, plz chime in.

In a VERY interesting move, it appears everybody in the building is going to get a Guy V. towel with wetcat on it.

I think it’ll be Elvin that takes the last shot.


A list of alumni to commit to the closing ceremony has not been finalized. Yurachek said the school has reached out to “every player we have a phone, email and contact information for.”

Smart idea. Is going to be a major project.

Looks like Bo Outlaw is in town as Mad Max said he’s in Houston today:

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