Proposed CFL/XFL merger

According to this source, the CFL and XFL champions would meet in a sort of “Super Bowl Lite.”

Additionally, teams from the two leagues might meet in “interleague” games, sort of like the AL and NL in baseball, during the regular season.

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I thought the XFL went under?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson purchased it, and plans to revive it, possibly in conjunction with the CFL, which has really been hurting.

Doesn’t the CFL have different rules, field size, etc?

Yes indeed!

That’s one of the details that needs to be worked out.

As big as the players have become they should make the field bigger.

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For the love of Dan Issel, please have this “Super Bowl Lite” game in Flint, Michigan.

And please, please, please call it the Flint Michigan Megabowl.

I don’t want more minor league football. I do want a NHL team in Houston.

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I want both!!!

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They should play based on home team’s rules. That would be “interesting”.


like Al v Nl designated hitter

Kinda. Kinda like the various ballpark dimensions too. But the big twist would be the different rules. Almost like baseball vs softball.

Today we’re using a softball and pitching underhand. Tomorrow night a baseball and overhand. That would be interesting.

How is that going to work when the XFL plays in the spring and the CFL plays in late summer early fall.

More details to work out!


Actually, the CFL is now admitting that their season will not start on time, so it now seems more likely than ever that the XFL and CFL will try to synchronize their schedules somehow. Read on.

Simon Fraser University plays in the Great Northwest Athletic Conference with several D2 teams like Central Washington, Seattle Pacific, Alaska- Anchorage and - Fairbanks, and Montana State. Only Canadian football team in the NCAA.

And yes, they play house rules.

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