Public University Fund


Sickening how UT reagents talk like the PUF is their own money.

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Did see this though so it bears watching.

• Discussing plans to reorganize the system administration and to sell about 300 acres acquired for a now-scuttled data science center in Houston.

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I think the vet school shenanigans described in the other thread have included A&M utilizing some $150MM straight from the PUF to build/upgrade facilities in Canyon and College Station over the last couple of years in an effort to kill Tech’s program before it starts.


At least we’ll have some really healthy chickens and cows.

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Politicians need to do their job and finally get it changed. This is clearly harming Texas Universities. Could this go to the Supreme Court? It should. It concerns every single Texan.


I just think it should be split between ut, s&m, UH, and a little bit to tech (because hump tech, we’re doing all the work!!).

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Needs to be shared across all publicly funded universities in the State.

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It has to. This is not only about U of H.

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Although no PUF or Texas state funds are being used for this project. Although the computing centre where these computers are housed was no doubt built with PUF money, plus their operating and maintenance costs also probably get some PUF money.

UT is getting a 2nd supercomputer. They got funding from the National Science Foundation. In 2017 to get what today is the 15th most powerful supercomputer in the world, the most powerful one owned by a university.

Their 2nd supercomputer will be the 5th most powerful supercomputer in the world. At present no university as even 1 supercomputer in top 20, UT is about to have 2!

Rumor (from a source that works in Austin) has it that they are also sweet talking Dell and other wealthy supporters to raise money for a 3rd supercomputer which will be the most powerful one in the world. Although the fundraising is not going as well as hoped.