RB Davion Mitchell no longer on team

Rob Sellers confirmed it. It’s official now.

Who dat

I thought he might become real good with his speed. Does anyone know why he left?

still havent been confirmed. it could be several reason. if i was to take a guess i would probably say playing time. he was behind williams, car, and carr for sure. probably was behind kelan walker as well.

We had our second scrimmage today so he would have a feel for playing time if that was the impetus for possibly leaving the team.

Wish the young man well.

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He never could seem to grab hold of the chanced he was given. Had an opportunity last year to grab hold of that 3rd RB spot and wasn’t able to get it. Was injured during the spring and missed the spring game which set him further back. Noticed the coaches weren’t even mentioning him when it came to the top 3-4 RBs during camp.

My guess is he’s headed to JUCO for a year to get some playing time before moving on. Nice kid…too bad it didn’t work out. Wish him luck.


With Catalon and Birden gone and King being a full time QB, I’m sure he thought he would be getting a lot more carries. Williams transferring in and Bryson being moved to all purpose, probably kept him from moving up to second team. Hope he gets the playing time he is looking for on his next team.

Wait a minute, is Bryson Smith now an all purpose back ?!

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Same position Ward and King played freshman year. A utility (all purpose) player. I purposely wouldn’t call him an “all purpose back” because that refers to a back that blocks and catches the ball well.

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We have a lot of fast weapons this year. With Bryson. :dragon:

Bryson definitely needs to be on the field this year in some capacity…too much talent to be sitting.

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I would add Julon to that list as well.

julon is playing wr all the way. only way he throwing the ball is on a trick play.

Applewhite is still coach, so I would imagine we’ll also see Julon running some speed sweeps from the WR position.

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