Really looking forward to this Tech game

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Could be a wild one.

(Eric Prado) #2

Yea. Great thread

(Patrick) #3

We’ll have to slow them down on offense which I think we can. Key will be sustaining drives and tiring out their defense.

Big test.

(Jimmy Morris) #4

I don’t think it will be that wild. I think the defense will carry us by completely shutting down Tech’s running game then forcing a couple of turnovers from the passing game to set up our offense for some easy scores. I’ll get jumped on for this but I’m still not impressed with our offensive play calling. I’m thinking something like us winning 31-20. (if our defense stays healthy)

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I follow your thinking but 31-20 has a wild aspect.

(Eric Prado) #6

I’m still concerned for our secondary.

(Patrick) #7

Thought they played well tonight until the backups came in. And, damn, Myers; got to make that interception.

Does anyone know if Wilder got hurt. He dropped that punt and I didn’t see him back out there, even on special teams where he’s usually always out there.


I don’t think we hold Texas Tech under 30. Our defense is built to stop the run and make our opponents beat us with the pass. Tech, as one of the most pass-happy offenses in the country, is well-equipped to exploit that. Fortunately, we can exploit Tech’s defense by having an offense that exists.

I honestly have no clue what to expect this week. It could be a blowout either way, or it could be a nail-biter. I just know there’s probably going to be a lot of scoring.


I saw wilder late in the game standing on the sideline in street clothes with what looked like a brace on his left leg (could have been a soft cast)

(G.W.) #10

We need to throw the ball down the field, especially when Dunbar or Bonner get man coverage.
I understand a few bubble screens. But we do it Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much.
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much.
We will have to score…not like this game.

(Cougarpad) #11

You beat Tech by time of possession. When we ran the air raid that is how other teams would beat us in the Keenum years. Get lead then tire techs defense out. Like all air raid teams Techs offense helps tire their defense out already. Need to sustain long drives and score.

(Mike Higdon) #12

He looked like he was hurt on one of our kick-offs.

(Jimmy Morris) #13

I’m curious why Leday isn’t back there doing the returns after what he did against Arizona.

(Patrick) #14

Leday was back there on the opening kickoff. They put McDowell in for the last kickoff because there was only a few minutes left.

Wilder was the punt returner on the opening punt, but he’s also on the blocking team and coverage teams for kickoffs. McDowell returned punts the remainder of the night.


My biggest concern on defense after the Rice game is our vulnerability on the edges. Their speedy back was able to get to the edge pretty consistently. Zona was able to do it too. I’m sure TT will be able to do that as well by using sweeps and screens. Teams are going to run away from Ed, so we have to figure out how to contain better on the edges.


Oddly most of the games we lost we had our highest TOP. We were such a quick strike offense that we’d average under 2 minutes on TD drives. When we’d take 4 minutes to score, or even worse, 3-4 minutes not to score, we couldn’t outscore the other team

(Trent) #17

I think he’s most vividly remembering the loss to the Cajuns in 06. We only had the ball for 9 minutes in the second half. Air Raid can’t score if it doesn’t have the ball.


This one will be the measuring stick for both programs. I think we are good but we could be very very good. We will know on Saturday.

(Eric Prado) #19

I saw the back run into the sideline more often than not.

(Cougarpad) #20

We can beat Tech by TOP. We need to get the lead and have our defense stop them couple times in row while our offense in return goes on some long clock eating drives resulting TDs. That is the best way to beat Tech by TOP. Correct we lost to the Cajuns that way when ran the Air Raid but also we lost to Southern Miss couple times like this because other teams had large TOP against us.