Recruit invites for Texas Tech game

C/O '19 DE Breylon Garcia from Lufkin - Has an offer from SFA

  • C/O '20 4* WR Demond Demas from North Forest - Has an offer from the Coogs as well as UT, A&M, Tx Tech, Baylor, Alabama, Florida, West Virginia, Oregon State and Oregon

  • C/O '20 Pro Style QB Hunter Dunn from Tomball - No offers yet

3* CB Bobby Wolfe, who just picked up an offer from the Coogs this week and was at the Rice game is coming back for the Tech game.

C/O '18 LS/C Grayson Yeager from Kingwood - No offers

C/O '19 S Dylan Jantz from Gunter, TX - Has an offer from Syracuse

I didn’t know it was physically possible to be 6’1” but only 160 lbs.

I was 6’5 and 130 lbs my Freshman year at UH.

:flushed: I’m calling some kind of typo on this.

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That was my size at 16 years. It wasn’t until I was in college that I filled out to about 210 lbs.

Well, for that kid’s sake, since he’s a pro-style QB, I hope he can pack on at least 50 pounds in the next few years. Failed to notice the first time around that he’s class of 2020, so he does have some time to pack it on.

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:astonished: I was 6’5 210 my freshman year. Couldn’t imagine 130.

Dang bro, I’m 5’7" 130 and I’m a pretty skinny dude, 6’5" at that weight can’t be healthy

Only health problems I had was the occasional migraines that turned out to be a food allergy and getting mono from a friend I hung out with Sophomore year in college. Played tackle football (no pads), basketball, softball, was very active and never had broken bones. Just a super high metabolism and clean bill of health from doctors. Did keep me in the “friend zone” a lot though.

C/O '19 Pro Style QB Taj Gregory from Yates - No offers yet

First team, all-district quarterback as a sophomore is impressive.

FSU will start (I think) a 6’5" 169 lb QB this weekend.

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C/O '18 P/K Chris Kessler from Longview - Has an offer from Army

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C/O '18 WR Colton Chelootz from Spring - No offers yet

C/O '19 RB Marquez Huland from Pearland - No offers or 247 page

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