Recruiting Targets?

(Robert Swearengin) #1

Do we have any more open scholarships for 2018-2019?

If so which players are we targeting?

(Patrick) #2

Nope…in fact, we may have to find an open scholarship somewhere in order to bring all our signees in

We have Nate Hinton, Antoine Davis, and the 2 transfers.

(Butch) #3

I would be really surprised if we don’t have one or two guys transfer out…

(Brad) #4

I don’t know how to best put this, but as much as our squad has improved in the last two years, you can expect that much improvement or more over the next two years.


Isn’t there 4 spots coming open though? Seniors Gray, Vanbeck, Davis, and Zanna?

(PMM) #6

Zanna is not on a BB scholy, instead, he is on academic fellowship as a graduate student. Only 3 seniors on BB schollys.

(Robert Swearengin) #7

Thanks for the info.

I am (finally) really juiced about our Program.

Kelvin Sampson is the Coach we have been missing for so long.

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This has some of the guys offered in next couple classes.