Team rankings by year for UH

2014 - 76
2015 - 92
2016 - 36
2017 - 50’s

(All 247sports composite)

Our juniors and seniors were lower rated prospects coming out of high school. Basically the majority of these guys did not have offers from P5 programs. Of course, we know that plenty of under recruited players pan out. On average, you want players that other schools wanted.

People wonder why we have so many glaring holes. The truth is UH is STILL recovering from the Levine era. 2014 started the decline after back to back underwhelming seasons. 2015 was a coaching change, and our guy didn’t come on board until mid January.

Now Herman filled some of those holes with transfers, JuCo, and a couple of outstanding 2016 guys. Allen, Catalon, Oliver, Samples, Leslie, Rodgers should be huge for us in spots where Levine failed to recruit.

All this to say I won’t be surprised if we struggle next year. The 11-1 type of season may be a couple years down the line.

We need to have a top 60 recruiting class each year for us to achieve back to back great seasons.

The 2012 and 2013 classes were in the 50’s, and they produced an AAC championship and a peach bowl victory.

Jordan Moore, Ath, looks like he is leaning Texas.

We offered Noah Jones recently, but he is an SMU commit.

We offered LaMarque Davis at CB. I believe he is unranked.

We offered 3* John Davis CB, a hard commit to TT.

We offered 3* Gavin Holmes WR, but he is leaning Nebraska per sources.

We still have like 5 or 6 from the 2013 class (56th) left too that will be redshirt seniors. Our transfer players really stand out since most likely our starting QB and RB were not in our recruiting rankings and were big recruits. Possibly Samples too if he is good to go next year.

Local ties helped Major got the job. Now is the time to see how many three to five stars athletes will come our way. That is going to be the first true test for our new Coach.
It is one thing from local HS Coaches to proclaim they want Major at U of H. It is another for HS players to sign with us.
Wait and see.


Good point 92010Coogs.

We offered Xavier Newman, OG from DeSoto, currently committed to Colorado.

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I disagree. First test is him putting together his coaching staff. Signing day won’t come until February.

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Fair enough. He does have to put his staff together. Right after I want to see the “real” home support that he has. His local ties could turn a 2017 recruiting class into a historical one. Let’s see how this turns out.

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I’ll hold low expectations on this one.

We’re losing a ton of momentum. He better have some homerun big named coordinators lined up to salvage this

C’mon man, let’s don’t be ridiculous.

Everyone knows that the inevitable change in the FB coaching staff at UH from Herman (the nation’s hottest prospect and one of the nation’s biggest self-promoters) to anyone else (including Applewhite) would inevitably have an impact on this year’s recruiting class. So, I don’t care who we hire as our new coordinators, the new staff will have to develop their own relationships with our current and future recruits and that will take some time. Signing day is in February.

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This is good:


Awesome news.
Gentlemen, Major was hired with one purpose in mind. Get our local recruits from the ties that he has with the greater Houston area HS Coaches. Again, easier said than done but this will be for me a huge step for our program if he does succeed. Mr. Fertitta hire (Major) reminds me of the million Dollar buyer show. He is giving a chance to the LOCAL guy that has a “special” product to offer to him.
At the same time:
WE HAVE GOT to build the nastiest defense that we have had since the Yeoman days.

Great to have Dennis on board.


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