Red White Top performers

(Cristian) #1

The Cougar sports staff has been tracking the team at practice all week. Here’s their predictions for who will be the top performer come Saturday.

(Greg Wirthmann) #2

The article refers to Deontay Anderson’s need to have a strong spring game. Has his eligibility for this season been approved by the NCAA? I thought we were still waiting?


his eligibility to play has not been approved but as long as he is enrolled at UH he can practice.

(Brian C) #4

Isnt King a Jr?

(Charles) #5

King is still a Sophomore until the end of the semester.


It does seem odd to me that they are talking about Anderson as though this waiver is a done deal. Nothing is a done deal when dealing with the NCAA. With that said, Anderson’s waiver essentially depends on the outcome of Shea Patterson’s case. If he gets a waiver, there’s no way the NCAA can avoid granting Anderson’s waiver. Hopefully we’ll find out before summer.


my guess… i dont think the offeense will look great in the spring game

my money is johnson to own the spring game …he was the star in the last 3, he always shines in spring…

imo anderson will be eligible but its a matter of when…and i mean i could be mid season when they decide



That is promising. Thankfully we’re not in the same predicament as Michigan waiting for word on which QB might be starting in the fall.

(Charles) #10

pesik. Who is this Johnson who’s “owned” the last 3 spring games?


isaiah johnson…wr now cb

he had a bucnh of huge plays his first spring game, caught the ball behind the back db the first spring and a few other long plays

he had a over 200yds his sophmore season year including a 99yd play

then switched to cb

he had the most tackles last spring

he has always played great in sprig games

(Charles) #12

Gotcha. Thanks. Here’s hoping he can translate that to this Fall.

(Cristian) #13