Refugee to Star RB. Mulbah Car Sophomore Highlights


those not familiar with mulbah’s story, he and his family fled a Waring Liberia when he was young as a refugee, only to end up in poverty in Austin, before ending up in Reagan high school (one of the worst schools in Austin, athletically and financially) only to shatter every Austin ISD rushing records in his tenure… to end up at UH as our RB

here is his sophomore highlight reel

the lightening to our thunder…a dominant RB duo in or new system?


I’m thinking ‘Bring back the Veer’!


We have a three headed monster in Car, King and Lark.

(Chris) #4

Great video, very well done. Think about what we can accomplish with a better OL.

(Butch) #5

Or maybe just better play calling…


Actually, Austin Reagan has a very proud football history. I believe they’ve won 2 or 3 state titles in the past.

(sarkcoog) #7

You are correct, but the last state title was in 1970.


in the documentary on mulbah on on youtube the head coach of reagan talks about how bad reagan has been