Reggie Hemphill Mapps

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Name to keep an eye on.
WR-Slot / PR guy leaving Texas.

“Hemphill-Mapps saw action in all 13 games (two starts) during the 2017 season, finishing his first year on the field 37 receptions (tied for second-most on the team) for 402 yards. The 2016 signee emerged as a threat as a punt returner, returning 17 punts for 180 yards (10.6 yards per return) and a 90-yard touchdown in the season opener against Maryland. PFF College gave him a season grade of 72.9, on a scale of 0-100, third among Texas receivers.”

Red Frosh from Manvel. (played with D-Erik King, Deontay Anderson)
Family illness issue-needs to be in Htown.

Multiple Bonghorn threads on different sites mention UH.
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We definitely could use another slot WR. Do we have scholarship room?



lol but he would have to sit out a year…but a side note is literally all of texas WR could transfer out, foreman is expected to graduate, top 50 recruit Devin Duvernay is strongly considering transferring aswell so is heard

they have the who’s who of elite wrs coming in, so they arent hurting but i still find it funny


school already started meaning he would have to come in during summer time and thus would count towards the 2019 limit…we have all our 2019 schollys

the issue is he wont be eligible next year and unlike anderson there isnt any real reason he’d get a waiver


They’ve granted waivers for true family issues. No guarantees, though.


If he is coming back to the city of Houston. I would think he is coming to UH to play football? Unless he is going to Rice or TSU?

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From the UT thread linked above:
“I find it hard to believe that Tom Herman couldn’t/wouldn’t find accommodations for his family here in Austin, plus Houston is very close. I’m not sure I buy that excuse, though I admittedly am not familiar with the situation.”

In other words, they are so used to “accommodations” for their players, they don’t even know they are advocating NCAA violations. But then, those rules don’t generally apply to UT.

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They’d just put Sam Houston State on probation for it.

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Rob briefly speaks on the possibility of Mapps transferring to UH

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Its official he is leaving.

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Getting the band back together? It’s pretty obvious now.


I don’t know how that Manvel team did not win state.


I alway wanted these three guys at UH. My wish might true.


That Manvel team was awesome.
They obliterated Jalen Hurts’s team from Channelview in the playoffs. They were up 42-0 at the half.

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Any update on this transfer?

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I thought it was pretty well determined he was not coming here…hope I am wrong and I don’t have any inside info…

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Maybe he’s waiting on a scholarship to open up after spring then that way since he is at a community college ( i think) he could play starting spring?

Side note. He tweets Hou sports pretty frequently. Including us and tweeted about 5 hours ago he was getting some visits in but hasnt posted to where. Im assuming we are one of them unless he comes often to see Deontay or Deriq.

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He has to take a year off so he’s got time. More than likely, he won’t enroll anywhere until summer