Required attendance

  1. Hopefully soon I can donate 1 billion dollars to UH and add 20,000 seats to the stadium.

  2. No more 11am games. It’s absurd in this heat. Tell the network…No. In Houston, Texas you cannot possibly have a good experience outdoors during September. All homes games will be a 7pm.

  3. UH will have a new course required for every student, every semester with exceptions only for work, other circumstances.

Eat em Up 101
How do you get a A?
Attend every football game
Given about 6-8 students attend games now this adds 35,000 more to every game. See #1


I’ll bite,

  1. Hopefully soon I can donate 5 million dollars and add some shade to both sides of the stadium.

Honestly though, I will donate for this stadium improvement lol


Add a dome and we can play anytime we want without people complaining about the heat although I’m sure another complaint will take its place.

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By the way, other universities that sell students football tickets have a penalty attached if you don’t use your ticket. Maybe the student mindset is different here and that threat doesn’t hold any weight but it might someday.

What are you gabbing about dude? You obviously don’t go to UH games and only come here to troll.


Why don’t we have our ROTC in the stands?

I think it’s meant to be satirical but done badly.

He may have meant 6-8K.


I was pround of student attendance today !!


I thought that at first but the rest of the sentence reads “adds 35,000 more to every game.” If he said 35k, I’d think maybe he thinks UH has 41k to 43k students but I doubt it.

The students almost stayed for the entire 1st half. 3rd qtr, half were gone, 4th qtr, student section almost empty, except for our fabulous band . . . . .

Don’t blame them…maybe they retreated to the concourse.


And, maybe they simply wanted to survive the day!


If you have a billion dollars I’d hope you’d find a more noble cause. If 20k seats cost a billion then they should be made of gold and I can crap in them without getting up.

UH doesn’t need 20k empty seats.

Idea 3 is stupid.

There are NO noble causes !!!

The seats could be gold plated but nobody on this forum would be allowed to sit in them. Ingrates!

Cancer cure?

Billions have been spent, it will take time !!!

May never happen.

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