Rice Tickets and parking

I received my season tickets but does anyone know when they will be sending the Rice game tickets if you ordered through UH? Also, I saw an email last week about ordering a parking pass for the Rice game. I thought Rice had free parking?

only for other sports…its 10 dollars for parking when we play them.

Called the ticket office today and they said they just got the Rice tickets so should go out “in the next week or two.” Sure hope it’s one not two!

April - Bought 4 tickets from Rice Athletics on their side of the field 50 yard line. As soon as my credit card payment processed I had an email with a PDF of the tickets. One of the reasons I don’t buy away games from our ticket office. Parking at Rice for our game is $10 and all other football games $5.

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PSA: for those still looking for tickets.

Bayou Bucket 5K has an allotment for a gold price. Hard to say where the seats are, but a seat for sure.

Well, here it is, Saturday, August 18th, and still no Rice tickets! I will call the ticket office on Monday! This is ridiculous; maybe one of these days we will finally get an efficient ticket office. Maybe, but I won’t hold my breath!

WHY - are we still playing these people - in anything?

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EatEmUp - When my tail gate buds and I go to away games we do not buy our tickets through U of H ticket office. Buying through U of H does not benefit our athletics department. Just assures you can sit with other U of H fans generally in crap seats. Only time (other than home games) buying tickets from U of H benefits athletics is bowl games. Bought our Rice tickets from Rice this year and had them in my email as a PDF by the time I could check my email. Also we are on the 50 yard line, row 23, which is probably better than U of H will have as visitor seats.

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That is surely the way to go. My experience was exactly the same. 45 yard line.

I just talked to the Athletic Ticket Office, and those tickets have still not been mailed. They say now that they will be mailed “sometime this week.” The game is now less than two weeks away; man, they are sure cutting this one short!

because it’s a CHEAP WIN and a SHORT DRIVE

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There’s a little more to playing Rice than that. They are probably our biggest rival - being in the same city and all. Which is kind of sad because we really don’t have a great rivalry like UT-TAMU, Alabama-Auburn, Michigan-OSU, but then again most schools don’t. The MOB is great to watch though. We dominate them in football and they dominate us in academics.

Why does anyone care how fast they get their tickets? As long as you have them before the game.

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i don’t consider rice our rival in fb. just in baseball. they aren’t relevant enough to be a football rival. smu and Memphis the ones i consider more of a rival than rice in football.

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sorry but the MOB hasn’t been “great” in decades


I don’t know anyone who gets excited about playing SMU or Memphis, unless they are ranked. We really don’t have a decent rival. I think Rice is the closest thing we have. UT and TAMU always created the most excitement back in the day, but those days are long gone.

There are only 2 bands I care to watch, ever. The MOB and TAMU. All others, including ours, are good for food and bathroom breaks.

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The A&M band has straight lines down pat.

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let me reiterate. I don’t think we have a “true” rival in FB. I just consider SMU or Memphis more of one than Rice. If we were in the big 12 we would have plenty rivals.

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Memphis is a good rival. Smu as well if their new coach does well. Navy could be as well.

Tamu band is bland. To each there own.

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