Rob Gray had more FG than the rest of the team

(PortlandCoog) #1

Rob Gray had more FG than the rest of the team… combined… that’s an incredible stat.

(Mike Higdon) #2

On his game winning bucket, #11 fouled him on a reach in as he was driving before he got between the two big guys – no call. That makes his bucket even more remarkable. He is our best player – Hands down, end of story.

(Patrick) #3

I saw that too.

(Randy Randel) #4

Rob has to go down as one of our greats. He’s going to finish as our 4th all-time leading scorer among those who only played 3 years. Behind only E, Dwight Davis and Rob Williams

(Charles) #5

Let’s hope the rest of the team decides to show up other than foul Friday against Michigan. Announcer just described Montana/Michigan as a “rock fight,” those are the exact words he used to described our game in the second half. For the game Devin hit 4 or 14 field goals, Corey hit 2/10, and Armani 0/4. Corey was 0/5 from 3 points. If this team shoots anywhere near their averages, we’ll win.


You gotta know that UM will focus on Gray. I’m hoping that that will backfire on them since we know our other players are also play makers, albeit they were absent for the first game.

I know the Coogs are aggressive and that is why we are ranked for defense…but those FOULS!!!


We absolutely do foul a lot, but we also get a lot of foul calls on us that are terrible. The one that Devin Davis fouled out on was not a foul. I think the refs anticipate a lot of fouls because we do play so aggressively.