Rob Gray Houston. Senior Highlights


after watching film on trae young and comparing it to gray…i see no reason why gray shouldn’t be given a shot in the league …they are around the same height

i quickly threw together a bunch of highlights…i planned to make one for corey a long time ago as something to hype the basketball season and opening the arena (to show that we still had some players after gray left)…but ive gotten like 8 messages asking me to make a new one for rob the last 2 days, the old one i had for him got a huge spike in views…so i made one for him and i made one for devin just as a sign of support for him…maybe a local/foreign scout might catch it

i already had one for corey in the works…armoni recently liked a bunch of my posts from twitter so i said eff it and threw together one for galen and armoni lol.

(Cristian) #2

Props to you and all you’re doing for these guys.