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The Ed Oliver to our basketball team! So proud of these boys!


(Shawn) #2

WSU has the most fans here in Orlando…it is not even close. The Shocker fans did not like Rob Gray running across the floor with the “be quiet” sign or “shhhhhhh” sign after the game. Heard a few boos from WSU fans. I guess they thought it was disrespectful. Don’t shoot the messenger. Just sayin. The few, the proud, UH fans here in Orlando got loud early in the game and as the game came down the stretch. Cincy fans don’t care who they play tomorrow. I don’t think WSU fans will be cheering for UH tomorrow. Shocker fans constantly complain about the refs. The “missed” calls. Shocker fans complain that UH plays too much “hands on” defense and the Coogs get way with too many bumps as they go for rebounds and loose balls. To the winner goes the spoils.

Go Coogs. Peace.

(Mark Shapiro) #3

We got away with so much that 2 guys fouled out. I was surprised that Gray didn’t get called for a foul on the steal of that long inbound pass that led to Galen’s layup.

(Patrick) #4

This conference will toughen Wichita State up. They need these type of games if they want to win in the NCAA tourney. This ain’t the MVC where they can just roll over everyone every game.


In the last few minutes, we saw a Shocker player tuck the ball under his arm (carrying it like a football) for 3 steps going to the basket. While viewing the replay in slow motion, the TV guy said it was clearly a carry that wasn’t called. And then about a minute later, Zana fouled out (somehow) on a play when he and White double teamed the ball and White rejected the shot out-of-bounds. Again, the announcer didn’t know why a foul was called on Zana. Seemed to me that the officials were trying to help the higher ranked team.

However, as has already been said, to the victor go the spoils! Tomorrow, tomorrow, there’s always tomorrow.

(Cougarpad) #6

Knowing WSU fans especially the vile ones on forums, I would not be surprised WSU fans were being really brash and disgusting towards the Coogs. They probably had it coming with Shhhh from Gray. I have already discovered their fans have a reputation.

(Marcus) #7

Why do you think Gray would have got called for a foul? Doesn’t he have as much right to the pass as does the receiver? Kind of like a DB in football, right?

(Cougarpad) #8

You should see the out of control debate going over this on the AAC board lol


We played them in the NIT in 2005 and their fans were classless then. They came on our message boards and cried about being left out of the NCAA, they would destroy us, we sucked compared to them…stuff like that.

They beat us…but also lost my respect ever since.


I dont think thats the case. I just think there were a lot of inconsistent and/or bad calls. Unlike some games, I think it went both ways


My friend who is an IU alum says Valentine is known as TV Teddy, probably the most hated ref in Big Ten history. The UVA-UNC game had most of the fouls in the last few minutes. That is the way it should be called.


TV Teddy isn’t very well liked in the ACC either.

(Jimmy Morris) #13

I’m not going to rag on fans that travel as well as Wichita State fans have done. I’m sure there will always be a few fans that shout disrespectful things that don’t represent the whole group. Lord knows we have a few of those fans too. i wasn’t upset but I also wasn’t cheering on when Rob did his thing. It was definitely trash talk but not in an obscene way.

As far as the play goes, I’m not sure on the rule. On a loose ball, contact isn’t a foul. They had possession though. They may have determined that Rob found a better position. If he was a taller guy and went over the back to get the ball, I’m betting it gets called a foul every time. The refs were definitely not against us. They were calling cylinder fouls. Our big men, way too often, put their hands straight up but move in too close with the body. Hayes was complaining about them doing it the whole second half. I don’t know who instructs the big men on defense but they either need to work harder on the new rules or be replaced with someone that can teach the players better.