Rockets Scrimmage

Has there ever been any talk of the Cougars scrimmaging the Rockets? I ask because I believe that Memphis used to do that with their pro team. What a recruiting edge!

And since Tillman is in both…

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haven’t heard anything but would be a good training and recruiting tool

When everything is normal our kids get to play against NBA players each summer.
Playing a scrimmage against the Rockets would accomplish very little good except maybe to bring some of our kids back to reality

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I disagree. I think it would be a cool practice for the Rockets and a memorable experience for the UH players. Even once per season.


I disagree also. You get better as an athlete by playing and testing yourself against others that are better than you. Plus our kids can learn a lot from NBA players that could help them against players/teams of similar skills.

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Like I said one of the advantages of being in Houston is getting to play against great competition in summer league play. But whatever floats your boat


I like the idea and hope Tilman is reading this thread.

I don’t know why anyone would be against it. Playing various NBA players as a collegian in pick up and summer league games is one thing, but traveling to the Rockets and playing them as a team is something special even if once a year.

Is it allowed under NCAA rules? There are summer runs where a lot of the elite HS kids, college and NBA players all play so I don’t see that happening.

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Maybe the Coog football team can play the Texans and maybe UH baseball against the Astros!

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Well, our baseball team used to scrimmage the Padres when John Moores owned the franchise, so there’s that. As you know, baseball is much different than football and basketball.

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My bad, there is no allure in a college basketball team having an opportunity to play against an NBA team. What was I thinking? recruits knowing that they can play against the very best? “I scored or held James Harding to a low in…”.

There are opportunities in many large cities to play pros in summer leagues, but to actually make it an annual game where students get in free?

What was I thinking…

From a UH perspective, I think it’d be a neat idea. I’m sure that our players would love it!

That said, it’d shock me if any NBA team would agree to such a thing and risk injury.

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Yep you are right it would be a foolish idea. Our kids can play against pros during off season. There is no way any NBA team would play a college team and risk injuries

That’s why the wanted the practice facility - you don’t know what’s going on lol

If we want to make it interesting, let UH practice with the Rockets. Team on team.

Then…on a special occasion, mix the teams with players from UH and Rockets on each squad practicing against one another. Imagine…Harden and Sasser on one team. Westbrook and Grimes on another team. Just for fun.

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A full on scrimmage would be a little silly, however as others have pointed out plenty of Rockets players and other current NBA guys do come through our facilities to hoop. Its definitely something that recruits pay attention to.

I’ve been seeing Harden at games for years…

I didn’t see him this past season. Did anyone else?

I think Harden’s been going to Rice games. Their coach was his high school coach, or something like that.

Chris Paul and PJ Tucker were around last year (2018-19), weren’t they . . . at least a few times.

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