Roll Tide


Gosh I hope Bama wins. There will be so much wailing and gnashing of teeth. lol

If anything THIS is the real danger to the College Football playoffs… stagnation. Just how many more years are we gonna have to see Alabama play Clemson again?? If there’s an argument to be made for playoff expansion it’s this, to introduce newer blood and to prevent the CFP from turning into the business version of the Buffalo Bills.


Every year you will see Alabama and Clemson in the final 4. Throw in a Ohio State, Sooners or Georgia to close it off.


No one knows what the future holds. Not long ago Clemson was a bottom feeder. Saban is like 64. Unless he’s going to pull Joe Paterno and coach until he’s 87, things will change at Bama soon enough.


UCF would roll these clowns.

(zx504) #5

Really disappointed with ESPN. Watched both “other” games wire to wire and not one mention of UCF. No halftime review of UCF game and the ONLY undefeated team in the country that beat a team that beat BOTH teams in the final game.

ESPN just doing everything they can to disrespect the G5.

(PMM) #6

That’s funny !

(PMM) #7

You expected anything else !

(Craig C.) #8

Watching this game makes me wonder just how good Deshaun Watson is going to be.

(Patrick) #9

ESPN isn’t going to give publicity to the AAC when contract negotiations are coming up. They’re cutting staff everywhere to save money. I know they want to keep the AAC, they need the inventory, but they aren’t going to want to pay.


I noticed in the write up of the game it refers to #10 UCF using the AP ranking not the CFP one. Makes less embarrassing for #7 to lose to #10 instead of losing to #12, I guess.