Rooting for Baylor? Say What?!


I find myself likely rooting for Baylor today. Gross. Can’t they just both lose?

(Brad) #2

Let me make this easy for you. Baylor football players raped at least 20 women, and it was covered up at the highest levels. There are 4 star players from Houston committed to that evil institution. The NCAA has filed charges against Baylor for lack of institutional control. You root for Baylor, you are rooting for evil.


Apparently Ken Star presided over a campus of sexual assault not just football.

(Jimmy Morris) #4

There isn’t a single player left on the team that was accused of rape unless I missed the memo. Are the players that weren’t accused any more a part of the scandal than our offensive coordinator?

(Jimmy Morris) #5

Probably not the game to look at to expect a UT failure. UT has much better athletes and they are playing at home. The choke to look for will be either on the road at OSU or at Texas Tech.

Also if any Coog fan is more interest in watching UT play Baylor than UCF play Memphis, they can’t really complain about ESPN’s favoritism of UT over UCF.

(Ben B) #6

I’ll be watching UCF Memphis and then on smaller TV keep an eye on Baylor. I think an upset here is more likely than at another time in season because of the rivalry game win hangover effect. Otherwise UT would clean Baylor’s clock for sure.


Baylor shut be burned down like the Branch Davidion house.

(Jimmy Morris) #8

If part of that is also the thought that Baylor losing football makes us the obvious replacement, then think about this. What is more likely to bring down harsh sanctions on Baylor? Baylor rolling over and playing dead against UT or Baylor upsetting UT and eliminating UT from any chance of the CFP.


Let them play to a tie.

(Jimmy Morris) #10

Now that’s thinking outside the box!

(Sam) #11

Some serious irony going on there.

(gpropes) #12

Because it’s unlikely that an earthquake will swallow the stadium and both teams whole, I only have one thing to say.

Sic ‘em.

(Mike Higdon) #13

But, none of these players or coaches were involved with any of that. And UT is the Evil Empire. I would pull for whiomever is playing UT.

(Brad) #14

That’s utterly ridiculous. The corruption at Baylor extended to the highest levels of the leadership. UT has a lot of money. Hook Em

(Ben) #15

I have five favorite teams each Saturday . . . . . The team that is playing Texas, the team that is playing Oklahoma, the team that is playing Miami, the team that is playing Notre Dame AND HOUSTON


Add the team that is playing the gaggies

(zx504) #17

My two favorite teams are Houston and whoever is playing Texas.

(Mike Higdon) #18

But still, none of the current players or coaches were involved. The BOR or administration is not on the field. But all of the coaches and players for UT are UT players and coaches. 'Nuff said.


I shouldn’t say anything, but if texas was playing the University of Mars, I’d be pulling for the aliens.