Round 1 vs A&M?

(Alfred Matthews) #1

Watching CBS right now where they are previewing their bracket. They has UH in the West bracket vs A&M round 1. Oh heck yes!


lol houston, a&m, tcu and texas are all projected 7, 8,9,10 seed depending on the bracketology.
7 plays 10, 8 plays 9…there is a decent chance we get a texas team in round one

(Nick K) #3

would rather play them in round 2 but round one would be good.

(David) #4

I would happily take UT in the first round. I have not seen much of TCU. A&M would likely give UH issues with their inside game and rebounding. At this point, an opportunity in the Dance against ANY program is welcomed!

(Randy Randel) #5

UT is soft. We also didn’t miss anything with baby Young

(Patrick) #6

Be fun, especially if it was in Dallas

(Patrick) #7


(David) #8

When will they learn?

(Patrick) #9

Here was part of the bracket that CBS showed yesterday:

(Alfred Matthews) #10

Imagine a crazy scenario where we knock off A&m and texas in the same bracket. LOL