Roundup Head Coaching Power Rankings

(Patrick) #1

6. Major Applewhite

7-3, 53% Win Percentage, 0-2 Bowl Record, 5-3 Conference
We’re torn on where to put Applewhite, he could slide to any of the four spots below here, but we’re betting on his potential and acumen. 2018 is a big year for the red-headed avenger, the Cougars have the talent to contend in the AAC West, but they also have this nasty tendency of losing games they should win. Bringing in Kendal Briles could be the difference maker for Houston and Applewhite moving ahead.


Briles will elevate applewhite.

But hopefully applewhite goes before briles.


The have Kingsbury all the way down as 9th. And still Applewhite lost to him