Roy Williams calls UNC team 'least gifted I've ever coached'

Maybe it is just time to “hang it up” Roy. His time has maybe passed on regarding coaching??!

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He’s a great coach. He just let his frustration go like all of us. I’d feel different if he had a 30 year career of saying things like that.


Don’t want that to happen right now, CKS is from North Carolina and that is a high profile job, not saying he would go but…

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A top 20, 15 and 10 class in the last three years. Bunch of talentless kids if you ask me. Maybe rolling the ball out to center court is not enough anymore.

Should be embarrassed by the riches while he cries poor.

Or maybe your recruiting eye is blinded by stars and NBA potential.

There are always a several “can’t miss recruits” that don’t pan out. Seems Roy might have got a few of those types this time around. His complaining though is somewhat self-deprecating as it also reflects directly on his coaching and recruiting abilities.

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He ain’t in Kansas no more. lol sorry just wanted to use that. :crazy_face:

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Oh he’s definitely said bs things before.

That would be a hard job to pass up. But I have a feeling UNC would want a “purer” replacement. UNC boosters expect guaranteed successors, not probable ones.

Maybe all the players that are going to class have to do their own work now… Just no time to practice…