Sampson preaches need for consistency through conference play - Daily Cougar

Pretty spot assessment from CKS


Sounds like another starting lineup shakeup is possible, which CKS already seems to do after a loss. Any guesses?

Harris over Gresham?

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I’m thinking Grimes and Gresham may be sitting.

Witness protection program? That would be Grimes.

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If you bring Grimes off the bench, who runs point in the starting lineup? Are you moving Jarreau back into the starting line up? I will be surprised if Grimes is not starting. I think pairing his steadiness handling the ball with Mills and Hinton works well and bring Jarreau off the bench for offense along with Gresham. We will see. If Sampson has been wanting to make a change, he usually does when a win streak ends.

I could see the Coogs running a guard line up of Mills, Deeky, Sasser, and Hinton with White and Harris rotating in and out at Center. Grimes will probably come in for Hinton in the rotation.

i listened to the full coaches show…he said the lineup will switch but its not going ot be based on the games…itl be about who battles in practice yesterday and today…

the plalayers are trying out for minutes

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Seems like there is a leadership void on the team right now. The Jrs and Srs don’t have the personality for it and Nate is still young. I still think by Feb/Mar the team will be playing well.

i think gorham has the personality for it, but its hard to be leader of the bench

It all hinges on Grimes. He needs to step up and play ball. If he does, Houston will excel. If he doesn’t, Houston will struggle in games they shouldn’t.

Jarreau is starting to get things figured out, and his confidence is returning. He hit a couple of jump shots against Tulsa (missed a couple others), but his shot looked a lot better.

Gresham can obviously play better, as well.

grimes IMO struggles vs the zone and i dont expect major changes with that this season…he doesnt have the skillset to beat it, atleast not this year

his 3 doesnt come every game , and the games he dominated where man where he had a path to the rim…grimes doesn’t have a floater in his bag, he doesn’t have a stop and pop short game either …grimes has made mid-range shots this season but he always stops and tries to set up his shot before he shoots (its not a seamless motion)

i watched the last few games asking why mills is so successful and grimes isnt vs the zone…in the tulsa game it obvious why…tulsa built a fortress around the rim…if you look at almost every point we made (not counting transition layups) were outside the fortress…with mills, sasser and dejon it was 3s, short jumpers or floaters …

mills has an elite floater game…he gets close to the fortress tulsa built and just floats it over, he never tries to penetrate it (will shot just infront of the freethrow line)

grimes isnt going to pick up a floater midseason…but the only major changes i could see, is just tell him to bulldoze his way in the paint/double teams and just hope to draw fouls


I think your analysis is spot on, especially the observation with Mills’ floater & Quentin not having another shot in his arsenal.

Corey Davis got a lot better in the second half of the season last year in terms of scoring inside the 3 point line. You’re probably right in that it’s probably too much to expect Grimes to do much different in the second half of the season, but how does he not have some sort of floater? Shouldn’t every skilled basketball player have a floater?! It’s not like it’s rocket science!

The one area that bothers me is that Grimes isn’t scoring in transition. Even when a team plays zone, if we get the ball in transition, he’s not even attempting to finish before a zone can be set up. Is he being coached to pull it out? Or is he afraid of a bad shot? That’s one of the things that really good players do in transition… if they get a situation where they are 1-1, they’re going to take it every single time and go straight to the rim. I feel like Grimes pulls back 9/10 when given the opportunity.

Grimes is clearly not an NBA player yet. If he stayed and developed another couple of years, I think he would be ready. But if he truly doesn’t have a floater and can only shoot one way that’s comfortable for him, he’s not ready.

Is he really going to spend a year at Houston and leave? If he does, I think it would be a huge mistake. He has a great staff around him that could really develop him and make him into a great player. I hope he takes advantage of what he has right not instead of worrying about the NBA. The idea you should be a 1 and done player is just stupid. Develop your game and worry about the NBA when you’re ready!


Last nite was the first time in 5 years talk about players leaving the program, and we will ha e to wait and see what happens