San Antonio Commanders


This will no doubt be a feeder into the NFL for undrafted graduates

Same with the XFL

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You know, if they can make up to 250k over three years while also get a shot at playing in the NFL again with maybe some sponsors… I can see this as a great alternative.

Better than not playing ball at all when that’s all you’ve known for the past 10 years of your life.


Will these games be televised in any way?

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CBS/CBS Sports I believe.


Thanks. It’s not showing up yet on YouTube TV, but I’ll be sure to record the games when it does. Should be fun watching so many former Coogs play again.


I think these leagues are good for the players that couldn’t make the NFL, but there are a lot of them out there this year

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Live content. TV channels and advertisers are clamoring for it to offset DVRs.

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Regardless of college and other play, some people simply mature later. I played my best ahem, OK softball my first 10 or so years on company teams while employed full time. I was much quicker and faster and stronger in those years.

Being able to continue to compete and be “full time” may be just the incubation to go from good or great to REALLY great.

Folks get picked up on through the year because of injuries. Some get called while in a deer blind…

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…and there are those who miss their chances because of college play injuries.

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This league is great; I think if they bring teams to cities without football or other major sports they will find their niche and be successfull

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Yes I hope the AAFL and XFL can coexist and both survive.

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I guess this means Greg Ward won’t be coming to Dallas for the SMU game this year, he and Tyus made the trip from Tyler last year.

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I really DO like that they are going after local talent. I didn’t see any Houston folks on other teams but there are 4 or 5 on the team.

I don’t care about NFL except to watch Coogs in the Pros.

The approach of holding local talent local should generate local fans.

The state of Texas has a few universities and a few standout players… maybe we will dominate!

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San Antonio teams usually try to load up on Coogs. I remember the arena league team there had 3-4 Coogs on their team usually.

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Games start Feb 9th

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Thank you for posting. A couple of quick observations.
Start times:
San Diego plays its home games at 8 p.m. on Sundays. Why? Especially when they play against Atlanta & Birmingham. Who on the East coast is going to watch? Right away you minimize your viewing audience and with only eight Teams? Didn’t they pay attention to the PAC12 ratings? Jack Murphy stadium at 8 p.m. on a Sunday?
Sam Boyd stadium:
Las Vegas?
You have a new league. Why not give the best W/L’s Team the home court advantage? It would also give the highest possibility for a packed stadium.
Was that the best tv deal they could get? I do not mean to be “picky” but this makes little sense.