San Antonio Commanders

(Patrick) #161


And probably the best dancer too.


(Cary) #163

During last week’s broadcast, the announcers said that Joey brings “mix tapes” that the team plays during practice. He is the Commanders official DJ.

(Patrick) #164

The AAF won’t return to network television until the league’s championship game. However, it will continue to have nationally televised games through TNT, CBS Sports Network, and the NFL Network. And while the numbers did come down for Week 2, the league’s viewership numbers were still decent. The AAF drew just over a million viewers on Saturday afternoon for Birmingham-Salt Lake, then drew just over 400,000 viewers for two more games on NFL Network.


I’ve enjoyed watching the Coogs play for San Antonio.

(J V ) #166

The SLC Birmingham game was meh. I think the uniforms are uninspired. The names and uniforms have the feel,of a generic video game from the 90s.

I do try to catch the Commanders to watch our boys play.

Curious how this league will fare when the XFL roll out? The talent level is already borderline NFL. With 2 spring leagues it will just dilute talent further.

(Cougarpad) #167

I could see players leaving and going to the XFL. The XFL will have solid financial backing. Players might feel more secure in the XFL instead at a league that had to financially rescued just a few weeks in. Also with the XFL’s connection to the WWE, I expect the marketing to be much better and the WWE has a lot more experience working with television networks.


I follow the Commanders because of our former players, but I gonna support the XFL as long as they financially tie to us and hope that they will succeed


A player choosing AAF vs. XFL will likely boil down to exposure.

The channels that AAF is currently airing aren’t ideal. The NFL network and CBS Sports are available but many households don’t get it. I don’t have those channels and am not going to adjust my subscription just to see the AAF.

If XFL is going to be more on the network/ESPN side, that may be a better platform for a player to get notoriety and exposure. That’s important to get pulled into an NFL team.

Selfishly, I’d like to see XFL play to more closely resemble college ball than the NFL. I’ve only seen 1 or 2 AAF games and they appear very NFL-like.


Since the AAF is essentially an NFL developmental league, why is the NFL not supporting it financially?

(Patrick) #171

Owners would want to see it be financially viable first before investing. Same thing happened to the D-League for the NBA.

(Gerald) #172

Why do you think this about the XFL? All the things listed are the same as the first incarnation of the XFL. They had a minor deal on NBC and some cable networks but ESPN shunned them. The WWE marketing machine failed as well.

As for gameplay, you must not have paid attention. The game goes much faster because of a shortened play clock, there are no kickoffs, no extra points after TDs and the defenses are not allowed to blitz more than 5 players. All those things make the feel much different from the NFL.

(Cougarpad) #173

Vince has admitted he rushed the XFL to quickly last time. They have also stated there will be no direct crossover with the WWE in this new version. They hired a credible head manager in Luck and I saw a report that they are currently field testing and figuring out what football rules they will adapt. Vince is clearly being more thorough with this adaption of the XFL. I also think they will adopt a two-year eligibility rule so to get a jump on the NFL with players. Because WWE already has established network ties I could see this being a benefit in negotiations for a network deal for the XFL. Also, WWE is now a publicly traded company so Vince has to make this new XFL more legitimate for investors.

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I see these more like reality tv game shows. Will they be one off novelties like Titan Games or surprising long runners like Survivor?

Honestly I feel like the NFL gets treated that way by the networks these days.

(J V ) #175

I guess the teams do not have home and away uniforms. Just the same one in the AAF.

I did like the new AAF onside kick rule…if you can call it that. With the new limits of how many player can line up and when they can start running it makes a turn over difficult without risking injury.

The AAF makes it situational. I am not sure if there are limits too how many times you can do it but it is situational. It’s on the 35 and it is a 4th and 12 situation. If they convert they keep the ball ir not it’s like a turn over. I kind of like it.


I saw the first two Commanders games to follow the Coogs on the squad.
Could not watch yesterdays game.
Can anyone update us on how Ward, Farrow, Ayers and Mbu performed.
Thanks in advance.


Commanders QB is not very good.

(Patrick) #178

Ward had a couple of receptions in the game and almost had a TD, but it was overturned. San Antonio lost 31-11


I was pumped for the first Ward TD that was called back due to penalty. Was pumped again for the one that was overturned.

I’ve watched quite a few of the AAF games and the receivers are what stick out to me. There are quite a few guys that look like the big, fast receiver everyone wants but their hands are shaky. Most of the smaller guys, like Ward and Ayers, have great hands.


Considering the NFL scouts are getting to watch this versus coaches during practice,I think his talent as well as Farrow’s will be noticed/appreciated better.