San Antonio Hotels on Riverwalk

Anyone know what hotels are actually on the Riverwalk in San Antonio? Was trying to search some online but basically got every hotel no matter how close or far away it was.

That i know of. Omni had a terrible stay because we were next to river and a mosquito got inside my room and had his fill. The hotel wasn’t bad but thats what made it a bad experience.

La Mansion (my fav), the Hilton.

Stayed at the Indigo. It’s on the Riverwalk but quite a bit away from the active part. Hyatt is on the Riverwalk

The Menger is where Teddy Roosevelt formed his Rough Riders. Sometimes history trumps location

Similarly, the wife and I stayed at the Gunter Hotel years and years ago. It’s a half a block from the Riverwalk, and nothing special that I recall… Except for the fact that’s where Robert Johnson first recorded his songs that became blues classics, like “Sweet Home Chicago”, “Dust My Broom” and “They’re Red Hot”…

LaMansion have balconies that overlook the river walk. Classy hotel. Great Sunday brunch.

Omni La Mansion Del Rio San Antonio - Guest Reservations

The Menger is a legit place to go to, especially the bar. It is ornate, a “man’s” bar. I always go there and have a martini whenever in SA.

Westin Riverwalk is right on the River Walk and is a great hotel. In fact, the wife and I made our first born in that hotel😉.

We stayed there as well, really enjoyed it.

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