Saturday games, Nov 10th

(Patrick) #1

In case you’re at home, here’s the TV schedule:

(Jimmy Morris) #2

This is UCF’s biggest trap game. Navy is having a down year but their running game you have to prepare for like no other team in the conference. UCF hasn’t blown many teams out in the first half and Cincy looms huge next week. I won’t be surprised if the UCF Navy game has a similar first half to the UH SMU game.


Well that one is over.


I would expect UCF to rout Navy. Wouldn’t be too surprised to see biggest loss point differential of any game in the AAC this year.


Here’s what I use.


I use the score app for all scores. It’s good.

(Patrick) #7

Navy in Annapolis and Navy out of Annapolis are basically two different teams. The former is tough to beat, the latter aren’t.