Saturday games

Navy with a nice win vs Notre Dame. Helps the conference.

Lamar Jackson dominates another (weak) opponent.

Aggies are losing to The Cowbells. Sumlin still losing games he shouldn’t.

That Louisville game will be more exciting and anticipated than UH’s bowl game. Is like a P5 bowl game or playoff. Louisville is as good as any team in the country. Possibly, the best player in the country is Lamar Jackson and is not even close. I’m glad UH is facing him this year and not next year where he should be a more polished passer. Scary thought.

On other news, Texas is beating TT in the road. A Texas win would go a long way of silencing the Herman to Texas rumors for a bit. Could possibly buy Charlie Strong a year at Texas if he finishes strong.

So true, Progs, on all counts.

SMU losing 38-7 to Memphis at the half. IF SMU falls, then one more domino falls…our way…hopefully


Need Tulsa to lose tonight.

Not good. Tulsa likely pulls out a win against ECU. If they beat navy then the only chance we have is UCF tripping them up.
Looks like we dug ourselves too deep a happy hole.

There could well be a three way tie for first place in the western division … how the AAC unravels it and picks a rep for the CCG game is another story.

Not likely. We need Navy to lose another 2, which looks far fetched the way Worth is playing, and Tulsa looks like the only ones capable of beating Navy. The joke is that Tulsa has to lose one as well. The only team other than Navy that is halfway decent is UCF. It is very likely we finish third in the West.

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