Saturday's Weather

As noted in another thread, there is a tropical disturbance heading in this general direction for the latter part of the week. We all know how the talking heads love to hype these things to the point where it is difficult to know what really is the best forecast.

I have found these guys to be the best on local weather…especially tropical .They were spot on during Harvey and cut right to the point.

Worth a read.

Might be time to dig out the rain gear!

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Good news if its just cloudy!

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Nasty forecast.

How’s the weather looking boys?

hot and humid is the last thing i heard. different weather sources saying different things.

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Football weather.



Last pic is his gametime heart monitor.


Weather forecast has improved greatly. Only 0.03" rain forecast during the game. Maximum heat index of 97. Can’t ask for better weather in early September!!!

And traffic wise we dodged a bullet on the NW side. Had no idea that 290 was scheduled to be completely closed this weekend but they have now moved it to next weekend:

I was outside today at 11 AM and, if it is anything like that tomorrow, I will be happy. Compared to the Tech game last year, this weather will be fantastic.

Accuweather shows no rain through 1 pm so far. It was dead on at rice. I live by this app as I take public trans in Chicago. Its accurate. Very accurate.

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Bringing out my giants sombrero sprayed down with Camp Dry. Works as shade if sunny and an umbrella if raining

Totally off-topic but thanks for telling me about this app. Very useful in lots of ways and well worth the $4

Its awesome. However, mine was free.

60% of time, it rains every time.

1 Like now shows a 50% chance of rain in Lubbock this Saturday afternoon for our game. And Accuweather shows a 40% chance of rain but it shows only 0.08 inches of rain.

Of course, weather forecasts are subject to change within the next 3-4 days.

oh lord no

Weather live pro tells me it’ll still be nice out.

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