Say what you want, but Leach can COACH!

(G.W.) #1

I know D wins championships. But USC is having trouble moving the ball. And keeping up with that exciting O is a tough task.
He has WSU ballin’

(Albert) #2

Does Washington st have the smallest power 5 stadium? Just looked it up 32,952 capacity. Kinda shocking.

(G.W.) #3

But at least it is full, and the crowd sounds great on TV.
That Offense is so much fun to watch (barring the drops).

One comment about the WR for WSU was how fast/quick they are. I want some fast receivers too.

(Albert) #4

I wasn’t dissin’ their crowd just shocked that it isn’t larger. Certainly looks and sounds like more than 32k. I was just that from a basketball school that’s in a power conference.


I believe I have read that their stadium has been enlarged; I think it now seats about 50,000 (I could be wrong).

(PortlandCoog) #6

People forget how long it’s taken. Our fans would demand he’d be fired here for going 3-9 like he did at WSU his first season. Granted it was a complete rebuild but our fans would not have the patience. I don’t think you’d be posting on here 4 years ago about how he can coach.

BTW, I am not disagreeing with you. I just thing we meltdown too soon as fans here. Now if we have a poor showing against Temple, maybe the meltdown is warranted.


USC has 3 starting oline out. Not saying Leach cannot coach.

(Chris) #8

Yes but you also know from being in Portland that Leach is battling a huge recruiting fight. WSU was bad to terrible for a long time. What he has built is short of historical. I believe this is the first time in WSU history that they have beaten a USC Team ranked in the top five or ten. The State of Washington will have Washington and WSU probably in the top ten coming Sunday.
Clay Helton being a Coog got beat by the Team that gave us inspiration for our mascot.


For as much hype as Darnold is getting he looked horrible last night. He moves well in the pocket and can run but he was missing wide open guys and all of his throws seemed to be off target

(Al) #10

Stadium seats 35,000. The Pirate struck again. Great game to watch.

(Ben B) #11

And two WR that ran into each other before the game and are now in concussion protocol. Also a linebacker too


Leach has Genius syndrome. He would never coach at UH.

He wants to be at a random outpost like Tech or Wazzu where he has a chance to beat some big names from time to time. And if they lose a few games along the way, well, they’re Tech/Wazzu. They are supposed to lose a few games.


Wake Forest has the smallest Power 5 stadium.
31,500 capacity. Smaller than Robertson Stadium was.

(Al) #14

Small stadium but super loud and packed. My grandson saw a great game there today. DDeacons lost in the last minute to FSU. One end of their stadium is open seating on grass They usually put another 500-1000 fans there.


Sounds like UH. You can’t be more outpost than in the AAC.