Scholarships awarded!


Just posted on Facebok


Thank you for posting. It is such a huge thing for these guys that works so hard without being on scholarship.

(Chris) #3

Awesome. Hard work pays off.

(Class of 1981) #4

The best part of that to me was the rest of the team’s excitement!

(David) #5

So Stuard was just to throw them off?

(Ricardo Montano) #6

Keith Corbin as well?

(David) #7

Maybe. I didn’t hear all of the names but Stuard caught me off guard. Then I figured they had to do something to keep them from figuring out what might be happening. Good stuff.

(Dan) #8

Over 131k views, trending, and we got on the CFB front page of ESPN. Nicely done whoever’s idea this was. Mission Accomplished.