Scrimmage #3

Does that mean the window for the QB competition is closing?

It would be hard to imagine that the first and second team will have less touches so I imagine he wants to focus on his two deep to get all the starters set.

Well, all I got out of that all encompassing 12 second clip is that there won’t be as many snaps, which means a shorter scrimmage. I guess it could also mean long breaks between snaps.

Bardwell and Duke

Yeah, QB1 needed to be decided today. Two weeks until opening kick. He needs reps with the 1s this week, then game plan next week.

That offensive lineman looked good in the clip.

Think it was the frosh OL

Who is it?

Dennis Bardwell

Bardwell will become a beast, maybe not this year but soon.

Was there any stats for the scrimmage? Curious how the QBs and RBs did.

Nothing yet. Probably won’t see anything until Tuesday.

Watching the Okie State game with Keemun yesterday, I was amazed at how much bigger and physical our current defense is to that team.

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