Sean Bretz goes in the 15th round, 439 overall to Kansas City

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Is that high enough for him to leave do you think?

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Should be. Top 20 rounds are usually likely to go.

Not surprised, he was on Kendall Rodgers’ heat sheet a decent amount. Had to think a 6’6" guy with velo and good numbers wouldn’t be drafted outside the top 20.

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Took this when Sean was pitching on day. There were about five more guns in the back.


If that is true then do you think Roedahl & Villarreal are coming back?

No, both are gone.

So…guess 15 may not have been high enough for Bretz. He’s still unsigned with the deadline the 12th of July. I haven’t seen anything in regards to negotiations; just know he hasn’t signed yet.

Would be a huge coup to get him back for another year and really solidify what’s shaping up to be a pretty solid pitching staff.

Today is the deadline for Bretz to sign with the Royals.

By the way, Bretz is still enrolled at UH.

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