Season Ticket Dot Counting (19-20 Season Tickets = Sold Out)

Those aren’t real fans. Pathetic in his part.

Why do I have a UH flag on my house, curb, and UH room in my house? Why if you go to my hometown and ask who is a UH fan my name will come up 100% of the time no matter who you speak to?


You come on here all doom and gloom. Rag on the UH fan base/the future and try your best to take the good feelings from such great news.

I think pathetic was taking it easy on you.

Now you cry that you get called out on it & rant about UH flags?
In a sad way…it’s funny.

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Not bad for a program that, just 5 years ago, struggled to get 1000 people to come to games.



“Sampson receives a $10,000 bonus for season-ticket sales over 4,500.”

“athletic director Chris Pezman will receive a $50,000 bonus for basketball selling out its season-ticket allotment.”


Damn… Only $10k. Pezman, tho :thinking:

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Hmmm…no more being able to read those articles in Chrome incognito.

5100 season tickets with 2k left as single tickets. :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

How many people going to complain the stadium isnt sold out for HBU or other…

A lot.

We’re going to have great support. I can’t wait for the season. The only thing about the crowds I ever complain about was that it seemed like some of them weren’t into the game. They didn’t cheer and get excited. It was weird.

Gosh, I remember quite differently. I thought the crowds at the FC were consistently lively. Even the lowest attended and lopsided win, ECU, was loud since the team did some show play.


I think the attendance and atmosphere have gotten a lot better over the last few years. Most of the games in the FC were live after Christmas break imo.

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This is what I remember. I hope the place can get a bit more lively. It would make the place more intimidating with how close to the court the fans already are. I bet the opposing team would feel claustrophobic.

use this:

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I am going to miss the announcer that went into boxing full time. He did a good job.

Does anyone know when mini-plan tickets will go on sale? I’m one of the stupid ones that chose football season tickets over basketball season tickets this year and now I’m deeply regretting it. I’ve got tickets to the BYU game already, but I’m hoping to do a mini-plan when conference starts up.

I don’t think there are miniplans this year. There are some single game tickets going on sale.

Yeah, no mini plans. Only single game tickets. But who knows might change.

Some people look for the cloud in every silver lining. :unamused:

And there only 1k left for single tickets.
The students get the rest.

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