Season Ticket Renewals

Looked at my Cougar Pride account for the renewal of FB season tickets. Seat commitment donation for FB in section 229 stayed the same as last year and the actual ticket price did not increase. I estimated and paid my full required seat commitments for both FB and BB in December. Looked at my donation history and the BB seat commitment went up from $50 per seat to $75. BB tickets are not in my account yet so don’t know the price.

Athletic department revenues are off 60%. Everyone needs to renew if you can




Good point and if you can make the full CP seat commitment donation, please do.


Last year I chose the option where all my “payments made for the 2020 Football season (season tickets, cougar pride contributions, additional parking passes and process fees) will be applied to [my] 2021 Football season ticket renewal.” My online account does not accurately reflect this though…

My account was not accurate. I transferred through Cougar Pride two of my seats to my tailgate buddy and CP seat commitment donation amount still had these two seats, even though these two seats were not in my renewal account. Sent CP an email and they made the corrections. Just email or call your CP contact. They’ll get it corrected.

We had a group of 30. Down to 6. As one buddy said “why pay for Cougar Pride seating that is not deductible and, if I want to go, seats will be cheap.”


The answer to that question is to financially support your alma mater’s athletic program.

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That is done in other ways that are deductible

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